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We are excited to announce that New Media Rights has been invited to participate in the DuckDuckGo Privacy Challenge. Generous sponsors are matching any donations to New Media Rights up to $7 for every $1 today. That's not a typo! Your $20 donation would, during some weeks, give us the equivalent of $140. Click here to donate here in any amount. Being invited shines a spotlight on our goals in the privacy realm...


American Intellectual Property Law Association Spring 2017 meeting - Music Copyright Panel

Executive Director Art Neill is speaking at the 2017 American Intellectual Property Law Association's Spring Meeting in San Diego, California May 18.  He'll be speaking about music copyright, specifically The Status of Copyright Infringement of Musical Works After the "Stairway to Heaven" and "Blurred Lines" Decisions.

Investigative Reporters & Editors 2017 - Law for independent writers panel

New Media Rights Executive Director Art Neill will be speaking at the Investigative Reporters & Editors 2017 Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Panel "Protect yourself now: The independent writer’s legal guide to contracts, clauses & conundrums" will cover everything from newsgathering laws to copyright, to writers contracts. Click through for full details.

Event: Health Journalism 2018 conference in April 2018

New Media Rights will be speaking at the AHCJ (Association of Healthcare Journalists) annual meeting this year in a panel on Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 9 to 10:20
The Health Journalism 2018 conference will take place in Phoenix, AZ at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs resort.
Panel details: 
Think Before You Sign: At one time or another we all sign contracts with worrisome clauses – we have to earn a living! We may also spend a lot of time chasing our dream publications, but what happens when you’ve finally broken in only to learn that the contract gives you the jitters? Paying attention to contracts and protecting oneself against litigation has never been more important than in today's media environment as contracts from websites to the glossies are evolving in ways that don’t benefit writers. For instance, contracts that are work-made-for-hire and also contain an indemnity clause can leave freelancers especially vulnerable. This panel will help you understand clauses in contracts that leave you legally and financially vulnerable, and will provide strategies to help you push back. Not all efforts to get a publisher to change clauses are met with success, and, in the end, you may decide it’s best to walk. This panel will provide the information you need to help decide what’s best for you.
Come out and join us if you're in town!
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash