V. How long do copyrights last?

How long do copyrights last?
Generally speaking, the duration of copyright protection depends upon when the work was created. For better or worse, the length of copyright has extended several times in the last 100 years. As a result, there are quite few different lengths of time that a work can be protected for. Below is a thorough quick reference guide explaining copyright duration based on the year a work was made/published.
This is even more complicated because there’s a difference between the expiration date of published and unpublished works.
If you have questions about whether a work in the public domain, how long a specific work’s copyright will last, or how long the copyright in your own work will last, feel free to contact New Media Rights at (619) 591-8870 or support@newmediarights.org for free, pro bono legal assistance.

Frequently asked questions about how long copyright protection lasts

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